EditR: A Tool to Estimate Base Editing by Sanger Sequencing

EditR (Edit deconvolution by inference of traces in R) as a free web tool (baseEditR.com) or an open source R Shiny application that can run on a local desktop. EditR requires only a single Sanger sequencing file of a base edited sample and the sequence of the gRNA protospacer to disentangle the outcomes of base editing.

CRISPR/Cas9-Cytidine deaminase fusion enzymes – termed Base Editors – allow targeted editing of genomic deoxcytidine to deoxthymidine (C->T) without the need for double-stranded break induction. Base editors represent a paradigm-shift in gene editing technology, due to their unprecedented efficiency to mediate targeted, single base conversion; however, current analysis of base editing outcomes rely on methods that are either imprecise or expensive and time-consuming.To overcome these limitations, Moriarity Lab developed a simple, cost-effective, and accurate program to measure base editing efficiency from fluorescence-based Sanger sequencing, termed EditR. EditR online tool can be accessed here: https://moriaritylab.shinyapps.io/editr-master/

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